Fed-up with the poor state of service in the Internet industry in 1994, Matthew's Consulting began offering a high level of customer service at a reasonable price. The internet was just beginning and businesses learning that they needed to get "online" but didn't know how... We began building and hosting websites for customers seeking to promote their business on the internet without being gouged outrageous fees.

As customers needs grew we expanded into server colocation and provided secure high speed redundant internet connection rack space.

As the internet grew and Google arrived on the scene our customers began asking us how get their websites ranked in the very important search engines that were developing. We launched our Search Engine Optimization services in 2001 and have been helping our customers achieve top ten search results in the search engines ever since.

E-mail marketing became very popular as 3rd party mailing list servers began to grow and we expanded to help our customers develop their email marketing lists and create enticing eye catching html emails to help marketing to their customers.

Matthew's Consulting has adapted over the years to the ever changing nature of the internet and will continue to do so into the future, helping our customers market their goods and services on the web.