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Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Campaign Management
Although your web site is a good marketing tool in itself, you need to market your web site to make it productive for you. A new website is similar to opening a retail store in the middle of the desert. You have to let people know it is there or they will never visit.

Some important things to consider when marketing your new web site are:

Search Engine Optimization
Research shows that 95% of surfers never look past the first 1-3 pages of search results for popular search phrases. Therefore it is vital that you achieve a listing in the top 30 search results for your keywords to optimally drive traffic to your site. We focus on the major search engines and optimize your site for the specific format the search engine spiders are looking for when they visit your site. Comprehensive assistance in selecting and refining your keywords gives yo the best opportunity to achieve a top 10 ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Excite, LookSmart, Alexa, AltaVista, Lycos, Northern Light, and Alltheweb.

Search Engine Submission
The first step in drawing targeted traffic to your web site is by letting the search engines know that your site exists. Warning: never submit your site to the search engines using one of those 'automated' search engine submission tools you find on the web. Spamming the search engines with your web submission may end up black listing your domain. This process should be done by a professional to ensure compliance with each search engine' criteria.

Directory Submission
Internet directories are edited manually through human editors. Internet directories often have stringent guidelines and frequently require annual submission fees ranging from $15 to $300. The most popular directories are Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project (DMOZ). These directories are responsible for listings in AOL Search, DirectHit, HotBot, Google, Lycos, and Netscape Search. Knowledge of these directories and each of their peculiarities is essential to achieve a favorable ranking. Ask us how we can help.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Google's Adwords program has quickly taken the lead as the major Pay Per Click program, however there are many smaller programs available at competitive prices that make sense. This is a great way to drive targeted specific traffic to your site and measure your results. Ask us how we can help you maximize your marketing dollars with a managed Pay Per Click Campaign.

Banner Ads
Banner ads, the online equivalent to display ads, allow a direct hot link to your web site. Place banner ads in strategic locations where your target audience roams. Use link trades when ever possible.

Each of these services are available as needed to round out your perfect on-line campaign. Contact us for more information.