Video Compression

Video Sales Letter Compression

High speed internet connections have made video sales letters a great muiti-media way to get vendor's sales messages across. Vendors have embraced this new technique using everything from simple Flip cameras to high tech digital editing to put together profitable video sales letters for their sites, however, video editing and even "made for web" video cameras tend to produce file sizes that are very large, slow to download and costly to stream.

What is Video Compression
Video compression is a specialized technical process that involves of taking an extremely high quality original video and compressing that video to the smallest possible file size while maintaining the highest possible video quality so that it can be streamed efficiently and cost effectively on the web.

Why Compress your video -
Most vendors that are doing a lot of traffic and sales through their video sales letters are using a streaming media server to stream their video sales letter to the end user on their web page. These video streaming services, like Amazon S3, charge for for the bandwidth used each month. The larger the video is in MB's the more money the vendor is going to have to pay for streaming bandwidth.

By compressing the video and making it as small as possible in MB's yet maintaining the highest quality video the vendor is able to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in streaming bandwidth fees each month. This savings more than makes up for the small cost of compression dramatically increasing the vendors profits

Benefits of video compression service
• Smaller total file size in MB's
• Takes up less server storage space
• Faster video load time
• Faster streaming
• Less buffering required
• Less pause/stalls in playback
• Lower bandwidth streaming cost
• Increased Profit Margin!!

“If you have any desire to run paid media, you’d be ripping yourself off without using Matt. Outside of reducing the size of my video by 75% from the lowest I could get it with my top resources, it runs smoother and bumped my conversions by over 20% on cold traffic. The quality looks nearly identical streaming online. Ultimately, this means that I have an opportunity to help more people with their health, so Matt, I appreciate you more than you know!”
Dr. Kareem,

Original video: 284MB
Compressed video: 28MB
Video Length: 46:61
File size savings: 75% savings over previous attempts


Video Compression is an Art Form
Because there was no one specializing in this service, most vendors simply "export" their video, load it up and start streaming. The resulting videos are costly and extremely inefficient. Streaming a video that is not compressed properly will result in slow load times, buffering, stalling and ridiculously high streaming charges. At worst case the prospect may simply leave the page and never even see the sales presentation. Plus, vendors may be paying double or triple what they should be to deliver their sales message.

Each Video is unique and depending on the content and length of the video many factors have to be taken into consideration to achieve the lowest file size while maintaining high quality. To accomplish this, I use advanced software tools that Hollywood movie studios use to create the online versions of their movies and trailers but at a cost that is more affordable to Clickbank vendors. This software enables me to tweak hundreds of settings for each individual video in order to get the best possible output.


Mike Geary,
Original video: 568MB
Compressed video: 36MB
Video Length: 20:27
File size savings: 85% savings over previous attempts


How does the service work:
1. You create your video sales letter using any digital video creation software you have available.

2. Once your video is complete, you export/save your video at the highest possible video quality as a quicktime MOV file (this is a standard that most programs have as an option). This will normally create file that is hundreds of MB's if not GB's large.

3. Depending on the size or your original video you will then send me your original video using one of the following methods:

a. Email me a file
b. Send the file using Dropbox
c. Upload your file to FTP directory where I can retrieve it
d. Upload your file directly to my FTP server.
e. For extremely large videos, you can burn a DVD and send it snail mail.

4. Along with the file, you will let me know the width that you want the final compressed video to be to fit in your website.

5. I will compress the video for smallest file size and highest quality.

6. Finally, I will provide you with a download link to retrieve your compressed video for review and publication on your servers.

* Most projects are completed with 72 hours of receipt of original video. Rush projects can be handled quicker for an additional fee.


Kyle Leon,
Original video: 1.90GB
Compressed video: 36MB
Video Length: 23:51
File size savings: 520% savings over previous attempts


Let's Get Started
When you are ready to start saving money and streaming more efficient video sales letters contact me for a quote.


Tom Venuto,
Original video: 76MB
Compressed video: 32MB
Video Length: 22:34
File size savings: 50% savings over previous attempts

Original video: 165MB
Compressed video: 29MB
Video Length: 29:37
File size savings: 59% savings over previous attempts