Advanced SEO

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What if I told you I know a way to get on page 1 of Google for your keywords...EASILY?

Let me guess, you're skeptical... I don't blame you I was too!

If you're like me you have already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on search engine optimization and may have had some decent results, but still haven't quite "cracked the code" on how to get to Page 1 of Google for your keywords.

Let me share some breathtaking info with you from a recent industry study that absolutely blew me away:
There were MANY things that people have theorized that Google actually cared about when evaluating page rank, all of which we found out were completely irrelevant.
Google doesn’t care about the “freshness” of your content - Updating the content every day, once a week, once a month, or not at all had NO impact on Page Rank. The extreme example of this are three home pages (PR3-4) where the content hasn't changed at ALL in 3 years, and the PR has not gone lower. It has gone up down over time, but never statistically lower than where it started. We also saw this in our test group over 9-12 months.

Google doesn’t care about the “quality” of your content - The content amount, and quality of the content has no impact on Page Rank. The extreme example of this, is comparing a squeeze page opt in with a content rich home page of a blog. We looked at examples all along the continuum of quality and amount of content, and it didn't make a bit of difference. A crumby, poorly designed squeeze page with zero content had just as much PR potential as a content rich blog home page.

Google doesn’t care if you change the contents of a page - For example, let's say we have a page with a PR of 3. We can go in and COMPLETELY wipe out and change out the content, and it will have no lasting impact on that page rank. Typically, we saw a drop in 1-2 levels of PR and then saw it come right back up to the old rank within 60-90 days or so.

Google doesn’t care about duplicate content - At least when evaluating page rank, Google doesn't care if the content on the page is unique.

Google doesn’t care if you change registrars and or owners of a domain - This has some interesting implications that you can probably figure out! In these examples, PR dropped and was then regained just as it was when the content was completely changed.

Google doesn’t care if you change hosting providers and/or servers -Similar to changing registrars, PR dropped and was then regained.
What does Google care about then?
Simple links and ONLY links
Absolutely the only thing that had an impact on page rank in our study for the majority of domains was back links. The more back links and the higher the quality of those back links, the higher the page rank of the page that was being linked to.
But NOT Just Any Links...
Please do not go out and jump on the first link farm that you find! Link farms that promise to add you to 1,000's of websites and directories overnight with juicy backlins to your website will not do you any good and will just take your money.
To Get to Page 1 of Google, you need a balanced mix is High and Low PR backlinks from content rich web sites that have age and are already indexed into the major search engines and have been for quite some time.
That is why I have assembled a HUGE PRIVATE LINKING network of PR Power Websites in a WIDE variety of markets. I'm talking about VERY GOOD Websites that either have a Page Rank (PR) of 3 or higher, or have a good internet history (age), and or a ton of back links or all three. And..
..You Can Have Access To ALL These Sites To Link From!

In this program, you'll be able to access each site and post a piece of content with two outgoing highly-focused, high-quality links, using your preferred anchor text keywords, going to YOUR chosen Website!

These will be "Supporting External Links." They're more than just a regular back-link to your site (and VERY respected by the search engines). Because of that, they're also usually much harder to get.

Don't let that stop you from getting the positions you want in the Search Engines! In this program, you'll instantly have access to over 300 of them -- and I am continuing to add to this network, so that it grows every day!

Our Team has already found and earmarked other HIGH PR Websites for the network and they're now grooming them for optimal performance.

And That's NOT All!

You'll also get access in the next couple of months to over 100 PR 0 -2 sites to post on, for your non-essential keywords that you absolutely need to link to. This will be perfect for building even more traffic from less-than-optimal keywords, without burning up your main Network spots to get it!

A good example of the type of link you might post in this lower-end network is a link that has your URL in it. 40% of all incoming links need to have the URL or domain name in it, so, yes, that's even true for For these, you'll want to use lesser PR sites and then HIT the higher PR sites for the keywords that count.

In a nutshell, I have set up this private link network you will have….
This Is A Private Network...

I want to emphasise that this network is a Exclusive Private Linking Network, and not just anyone can join in and link. In fact I am severly limiting the number of people that I am going to allow to participate in this program.
This Private Linking Network is very closely monitored to ensure it's quality and effectiveness. You will work directly with me to:
Select your keywords
Craft and update your Title Tags on your site
Create your text Copy
Select your Page Links
Select your Anchor Text
Once we complete these 5 steps, I take over and start creating your backlinks to your website slowly over time to create a natural back link network that will push your site to page one of the major search engines.
Here Are The Drawbacks
This Private Linking Network system was developed so you can stop the endless tail-chasing circle of going after targeted leads on your own. it is designed to be simple – and everything is based upon the intimate knowledge of the inner workings of all the major search engines … so the system will deliver quality traffic in a way the search engines reward.

It took literally MONTHS, working round-the-clock, to put this together.

The system is designed to scientifically balanced for maximum results.

There is absolutely no way anyone could possibly duplicate this system without years of training and months of study and additional years of careful testing and tweaking. Then, you would have to spend more than a year finding and buying well-trafficked, popular URLs, designing high-quality TARGETED niche Websites, automating them so they're continually updated, and tying them all together into a spectacular network of link power that is like a search engine magnet.

But, why duplicate the effort when you can simply tap into this system yourself and receive reliable, targeted, high-quality traffic by getting your sites to page one of Google for less than the cost of a couple of tall lattes per day?

Here are just some of the results that are ongoing was not even ranked for their keywords: Ski Cooper, Ski Cooper Rentals, Ski Cooper Ski Rentals on 02/12/11. In only a few short weeks they have moved to the first page of Google results!

Likewise, was completely missing from the index on 02/221/11 for the keywords: cellulite treatment, cellulite reduction, skinny jeans, yet in only a few weeks we were able to move them onto Page 1 of Google!

Also, could not even break the top 100 results on 02/21/11for these very competitive keywords: fat burning foods, thermogenic foods, weight loss foods. We have achieved remarkable movement in each of these terms and are still pushing to get them to Page 1.

Here is another site,, that went after some really hard to crack primary keywords: buy blinds, cheap blinds, discount blinds, mini blinds and achieved some amazing results and got ranked for the MONSTER Keyword "blinds" at the same time!

And here's yet another one... went after the keyword: florida speeding ticket and got to page 1 in Google and has maintained thier listing for almost 3 years! Not only that, becuase of the optimization he also got listed for florida speeding, and texas speeding ticket without even targeting those keywords!

So, What is the Price of A TON Of Power-Linking Power?
The price? It's not cheap. But it's not expensive, either. In fact, I'd have to say the cost is PEANUTS compared to today's pay per click rates, the prices currently charged by so-called "S.E.O. Experts," or the value of the time you'll needlessly waste if you try to do this kind of link-building on your own, without coming even close to generating the kind of traffic this network is already pulling in, just waiting for your link to bounce to!

The truth is, you'll be WASTING money AND time every day that you wait to grab one of the EXTREMELY LIMITED NUMBER of positions available in this network

If you have tried to buy quality links before you know the value of that and of course that’ is if you can find a site that works for you and you can convince them one at a time to sell you a link.

This is worth thousands and thousands of dollars in costs, and time if it were even possible. In the above example 10,000 quality links at even $10 bucks each is worth $100,000 dollars +++
Recap: Here's What You Get -
- Unlimited access to 300 (soon to be 500 plus) Websites that have either age, a history, a ton of back links or Page Rank.
- Unlimited access to a network of PR 0-2 Websites that are two years old, for your nonessential but important linking.
- A network of quality sites that are divided into mini-networks, so no more than 20 sites are registered under the same name, making the linking absolutely natural, as defined by the search engines.
-Each mini-network hosted at different hosts, to keep the entire network operating within the guidelines of the ever-watchful search engines it's attracting.
- Growing, targeted, motivated traffic – UNSTOPPABLE, highly profitable traffic that just keeps coming and coming.
WAIT, Before you act... I want you to seriously consider this -
1. I am looking for people who know what keywords are going to make them money and how much it is worth to be on PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE for them.

2. I am looking for folks who can commit to a process that is NOT A GET R-I-C-H QUICK SCHEME but a process that is a real world business investment that will earn you the ROI you need to make it profitable and stay in the program.
Not evey keyword is the same. Some keywords will be relatively easy to move to page one and others more difficult. The more specific the keyword, and the less competition for that keyword the easier it will be. The more broad your keyword and the more competitive, the more difficult it will be to crack that top 10.
Some of your keywords will move in 2 - 4 weeks and others may take a few months, it all depends on the keywords we select...
That is why I must require a minimum 6 month comittment in order to join this program.
Due to the nature of SEO, once the work has been done, it can not be "undone" therefore all payments are non-refundable.
You will be provided with a monthly ranking report that will tell you your Page Rank, Alexa Ranking, Backlinks and exactly where each of your keyword rank each month of the program.
That is all there is too it... I am very very excited to be able to offer this service to you and to help you make your online business even more profitable!
If you are ready to get your site on page 1 of Google for your keywords then email me today to get started: [email protected]